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Why Boutique Hotels are Great

In the world today, boutique hotels are the places you should choose if you want a more personalized stay. While five (or even four) star hotels have better facilities and amenities, they won't be able to compete with the personal touch that boutique hotels can offer you. Here are some reasons why you should prefer to stay in small hotels:


They are unique in terms of style

When it comes to style in terms of design and objects, a boutique or small hotel can never be trumped. A lot of people grow tired of common concepts that big hotels usually have. There might be a few differences from one hotel to another but the entire feel stays the same. However, boutique hotels give you that unique feel. There are hotels that are designed to house paintings and artworks by popular artists. You can even purchase those works of art.


They are a lot cheaper than big hotels

If you stay at a big hotel (five or four stars), you have to pay a lot for services, facilities, and amenities you might not even have the time or opportunity to use. This is why they are so expensive compared to other hotels. But boutique hotels give you to the option to pay for activities you personally chose. Some are even free. So if you don't want to pay extra, you have the option of not making use of their extra facilities and amenities.


It feels like you are still at home

Boutique hotels give you that cosy and homelike atmosphere. The small restaurants, breakfast rooms, and bars make you feel like you aren't that far away from home. There are also great gardens and lounge rooms that have unique and intimate designs that make you feel like you are taken care of well.


Solutions to problems can be fixed quickly

The managers and owners of boutique hotels won't' be difficult to find if you have issues. Unlike the managers of big hotels, they aren't somewhere in some big meeting or rubbing elbows with big-name guests. Instead, they are readily available somewhere in the boutique hotel. You might even bump into one of them during breakfast. This makes it easier for you to bring your concerns forward instead of having to wait in line to speak to the hotel manager if you were staying in a big hotel.


At Sukhumvit Suites, we aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible, located right next to Asoke BTS & Terminal 21 - we’re an ideal place to stay when you visit Bangkok.

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