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The best areas to visit in Bangkok


Bangkok is home to a number of Thailand’s best neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for lively nightlife, fascinating history, or delicious cuisine, Bangkok has it all. Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics of ten awesome Bangkok neighborhoods.



Ari has grown rapidly in the recent years. An assortment of food is readily available, whether you are looking for an extravagant dinner or a cheap streetside meal. There are also an abundance of cafes and coffee shops. Whether you are a seasoned Bangkok resident or a traveller stopping by, Ari is a lovely area to visit.



When you think trendy, you think Thonglor. Despite being near to the action downtown, it is still a ways from the shadier areas of Bangkok. Being right in the heart of the city, Thonglor is a great hub to get to quite a few other places. The canals of the city run through Thonglor, giving its residents another method of transportation out of the street traffic. Thonglor is especially great to enjoy after the sun goes down, whether you’re heading out for a drink or hitting a gaming bar.



Right next to Thonglor is Ekkamai, the cheaper alternative to one of the trendiest neighborhoods. Despite the absence of an excellent club or the luxurious vibe of Thonglor, it is a lovely place to live. The price tags are slightly less exorbitant in this part of town, but you are still near the heart of the city. Ekkamai is well-equipped with places to see, with malls, coffee shops, and restaurants. Moreover, one of the biggest bus terminals is located in Ekkamai, at the perfect accessibility for weekend getaways.



Popular with tourists and young Thais, Banglamphu is a must-see in Bangkok. This neighborhood name may not be as familiar to you as the name of its most iconic street: Khao San Road. Although it is known as a great place for some cheap booze, Khao San also has an abundance of street food, music, and small shops selling everything from clothes to butterfly knives. If wading your way through a crowd of sweaty strangers doesn’t appeal to you, Banglamphu also has a more cultural side. Consider stopping by Wat Saket to take a look at the Golden Mount.



Located alongside Banglamphu, Thonburi hosts activities that you may not have thought to do. The name may be familiar to you if you have looked up top Bangkok attractions as Thonburi is home to Wat Arun - the Temple of the Dawn. This elaborate, massive temple along the embankment of the river may alone warrant the visit to this part of the city. That being said, we do recommend extending your visit further to check out some of the other interesting activities in Thonburi. For those who like boats, the Royal Barges National Museum can make for an enjoyable afternoon. Others may prefer the unique experience of the Siriraj Medical Museum. No matter what you stop to enjoy in the city, make sure you don’t miss the khlongs (canals) to really get a good feel of Bangkok.



Food is definitely one of the greatest attractions of Bangrak. As soon as you step off BTS Sala Daeng, the aroma of tasty cooking is enticing. Whether you are in the mood for some pastries or intricate Thai cuisine, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your belly. After enjoying the chow, consider staying past dark to experience what will surely be one of the most unique nightlife encounters of your life. The shadier part of the district is home to the notorious Patpong Night Market, but the real attraction is Silom Soi 4. Gay bars and nightclubs line the streets, and many of them boast some sort of cabaret show. If nightlife isn’t your thing, take a walk over to Lumpini Park for a calmer evening.

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