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How to Enjoy Your Trip To Bangkok

A trip to Bangkok is always a unique and fun experience. However, it can be overwhelming for first-timers. After all, you'll be encountering a different culture and people and also food you've never tasted before, along with a language you've most likely never spoken.

To help you enjoy your first trip to Bangkok, Thailand, here are some tips:


Choose the best time

Choose the best weather conditions. It's only rainy or sunny in Bangkok but it would be better for you to go there when it's not raining. If that's the case, go there from any time from November to February.


Choose a great accommodation

By saying "great", we mean the most suitable for you. Choose places that are affordable and near tourist spots and shopping districts. At Sukhumvit Suites, we're located in the heart of Bangkok in Asoke, Sukhumvit - we're an ideal & suitable hotel for your stay.


Get a SIM card in Bangkok

This is something you should do in any foreign country you visit. It's best for you to get a SIM card for that country so that you'll be able to easily connect to the internet or make calls without having to spend a lot on roaming charges.


Make sure you have a map

There are free maps of Bangkok available in the airport. But if you don't like the hassle of bringing a physical map anywhere with you, it's better if you download one into your smartphone or any other mobile device.


Use public transport to get around

This is the best way for you to get around the city of Bangkok. There are plenty of express lines available for you. There are even ones that cater the airport. When you go to the stations, you can get tickets from the vending machines, which are tourist-friendly and easy to use because it has an option for English-speakers. And when you get to the trains, the staff are so friendly and the cabins are all air-conditioned.

If you want a faster way, use taxis. They are actually affordable and safe and are the best options for you if you don't exactly know how to use the railway system.

You can also use the busses for shorter distances. They are so cheap. The only thing you have to figure out is to know which bus number will bring you to your destination.


Change currency

It's better for you always bring currency around in case you have to pay for services and items that don't accept credit cards. You'll never know when you'll actually need it.


It's okay to eat street food

Bangkok street food is safe and affordable. It's always recommended for tourists to check out the city's street food. It's authentic, delicious, and part of the complete Bangkok experience.

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