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Why Hotels are Better than AirBnb in Bangkok

Tourists and business people alike have long been deliberating whether hotels or short-term rentals provide more value for people stopping by. Read on to learn about ten great things that hotels provide that Airbnbs can’t.


1. Consistency

When you’re traveling, you’re constantly surrounded by new places, new people, new food, new smells. Sometimes all you need is something familiar. With a hotel, it doesn’t matter if you’re in New York or Tokyo - you’ll know what to expect when it comes to room size, service quality, and level of hygiene.


2. Security

Airbnbs, hostels, and other forms of accommodation can vary when it comes to security. Some guests have reported harassment, theft, and a great many other threats to safety. Ih a hotel, on the other hand, you have the assurance of trained staff, security measures such as locks, CCTVs, safety boxes, and easy access to authorities in case of emergency.


3. Amenities

Different hotels may have different amenities, but most hotels generally have wifi, housekeeping, a pool, a restaurant, room service, laundry service, and toiletries.


4. Service

If the TV is broken, or you can’t find an adapter for your laptop, you’ve got easy access to hotel reception. They will try their best to resolve any issues you may be having. They would also be more than happy to reserve transportation, a table at a good restaurant, or a massage at the local spa for you on your request.


5. Local Knowledge

The hotel concierge knows their city. They know the best way to get around and can tell you where to get the best local cuisine in town. If you’ve got a day without any scheduled plans, they would be more than happy to recommend activities for you based on your interests and budget.


6. Loyalty programs

Large hotel chains usually have loyalty programs. The more you pay a visit to one of their locations, the more points you earn towards a free stay, upgrades, or other perks.


7. Food

Hotels often provide complimentary breakfast and have on-site restaurants and cafes. You won’t have to stress about heading out in the morning for breakfast because you can just go downstairs to grab a bite. In a rented apartment, however, you’d either have to go out to buy food or grab some ingredients to put together a meal in the kitchenette.


8. Common areas

Hotels often have lobbies, meeting rooms, conference halls, bars, and other places where guests can hold events or just get to know one another. You never know who you will get to meet at a hotel.


9. Reliability

It isn’t unheard of for short-term rentals to fall through. You’ll touch down in a new city, only to be faced with the task of finding another place to lay your head for the night. Hotels, on the other hand, will do everything they can to ensure that every reservation has a place to stay. Sometimes, that may even mean you get a better deal than you paid for!


10. Location

The majority of hotels are strategically located in the center of town, where it’s easy to get around to business meetings and tourist attractions. Most short-term rentals, however, are a bit further out, in smaller neighborhoods where you will have to travel further to major areas in town.


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