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How to Book a Hotel in Bangkok

When going on vacation, booking accommodation can be the most stressful, yet exciting part of planning the entire journey. As you set your options one against each other, you may think you have a forerunner in mind. All the same though, you can’t help but wonder whether there was a better one option out there. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced before, fear not - we’re here to guide your way. Let us extend to you our extensive knowledge about Bangkok combined with wisdom gleaned from years of hotel booking errors. Though we are writing from a Bangkok point of view, you may be able to take some of this wisdom and apply it no matter where you are vacationing.


Location, location, location

Bangkok is not only the City of Angels - it is also the City of Traffic. If you want to get around the city with relative ease, be sure to book your rooms at a place that is easily accessible by the skytrain. That way, you’ll be able to zip above the traffic to check out loads of interesting things. Make sure restaurants, convenience stores, and other comforts are in close distance too.


We highly recommend taking a dive into Google Maps and using Street View to get a better feel of the neighborhood before making your final booking.


Take in wisdom from those before you

Whether you are travelling to Bangkok or to Venice, this is something that you should always keep in mind. When you are going through the list of hotel contenders in the area you’d like to visit, take some time to check out the customer reviews. Hotel websites always show their best assets and hide their weaknesses - these things will probably be revealed by their guests. You’ll get a much better idea of the hotel’s actual services by reading reviews.


Make some inquiries

Don’t be afraid to ask how big the room actually is, whether it is actually non-smoking, or whether there are adaptors available for use. Even if you’ve already booked a room, most likely they will have free cancellations if it turns out that it is not what you are looking for.


Be sure to ask about additional amenities as well. Is there breakfast included? Is there free wifi accessible? Will you pick us up from the airport? Be sure to take note of exactly what your price includes so that you won’t be faced with extra fees upon check out.

At Sukhumvit Suites, we aim to make your stay as pleasant as possible, located right next to Asoke BTS & Terminal 21 - we’re an ideal place to stay when you visit Bangkok.


Take advantage of cheap luxury hotels

Luxury hotels in Bangkok honestly don’t set you that much further back than smaller hotels. There are a great number of people visiting Bangkok every day, and competition has forced them to lower their prices. You could even stay in a beautiful, five-star hotel for approximately $100 if you really do your research.

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