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Amenities That All Hotels Should Provide

Hotels are arguably the best places to stay at when you are on a trip. It's because they have it all. They provide you with comfort, security, and convenience. It's easy to understand why hotel rooms come with the right price tag. However, not all hotel rooms are created equal. There are some that provide more amenities and facilities. While all hotels have the basics, there are some that have more to offer while coming at you at more or less the same price.

Guests have different preferences when it comes to the hotel amenities they prefer. However, there are some amenities that every guest want. Here are some of them:


Comfortable plush pillows and bed linens

The most important part when you are on a trip is to have a good night's sleep to make sure you are ready to take on another day in your travels. It can be stressful to spend an entire day walking around a foreign city, asking for directions, and looking for the best sites and tourists spots. Because of that, it's vital for you to be able to end the day lying on comfortable pillows and bed linens are breathable enough for you to sleep the night soundly.


Soft and big towels

Towels are an important part of a person's stay in a hotel because travellers don't like packing bulky towels in their luggage especially if they are looking to travel light. Because of this, hotels should be able to provide their guests with towels. But ordinary towels don't simply make the cut. To make sure the hotel guest gets the bang for his buck, the towels must be big enough to cover his entire body and soft and thick enough to keep himself warm after a nice bath.



Again, no budget or light traveller wants to bring anything that could make his luggage bulkier and heavier. And because of that, hotels should be able to provide the guests with the basic toiletries they need during their stay. We're talking about soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, and a dental hygiene kit. These may be simple amenities but they are enough to make a traveller's life a lot easier.


Complimentary drinks and refreshments

While hotels offer drinking water to their guests, that's not always what all travellers want. Guests are not merely satisfied with water but also want their hotels to provide them with complimentary drinks and snacks that include coffee, tea, juice, and peanuts. Some guests stay up late at night when nearby stores are already closed or when it's too unsafe for them to go out. Hotels should be able to provide them with refreshments to make sure the guests don't go hungry or thirsty throughout their stay.


A special personal touch

Hotel guests and travellers love it when their hotels provide them with something out of the ordinary. Some hotels have all the basic necessities and amenities but it's even better if they could give their guests a special treat to remember them by. It's a really good sign of how hospitable the hotel is and how special the guests are to the eyes of the management and staff. Some hotels would provide treats such as cookies to their guests. Others surprise their guests with flowers on the bed. Meanwhile, there are hotels that greet their guests with complimentary cocktail drinks to make them feel welcomed and special. These may seem simple but they make the stay even more memorable and special for the traveller.

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